Get out of your comfort zone

“The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.” — Albert Einstein

Get out of your comfort zone. II Image designed by Mr Adarsh Kumar Singh.

As a child, we always had big dreams and towering aspirations. But as we grow in age we transition towards mediocrity and we stop dreaming big. We tend to become very casual in our lives. We are just happy with the package we receive at the end of every month. All our big dreams vanish in thin air as we grow older. If only we were able to think for a moment, that our potential was much more, we wouldn't have been satisfied with our lives yet.

But we have become very comfortable in our lives.

We have stopped dreaming big, as we used to do initially, as a kid.

We have stopped aspiring for more and we are happy to walk in the crowd, rather than writing our own destiny.

We have stopped pushing ourselves harder as the days go by.

We have stopped giving time to ourselves, and are just busy comparing our life with our friends, colleagues, and relatives.

Do things that you dislike

At the end of the day, the only thing that I want to share with all of you is that we can do much more than what we are doing as of now in our lives. We were born to evolve ourselves and our surroundings, but it looks like we have become stagnant in our lives.

So why aren’t we growing?

We are not growing because we refuse to experience new things. We refuse to take on new challenges. We have become too relaxed and comfortable in our lives. We do not want any change.

The only thing that is moving most of us ahead in our lives is the daily bread that we are getting from working as an employee. We spend our entire lives doing the same things again and again without putting any extra effort into the dreams and aspirations that we initially had. Then there comes a time after we have retired from being an employee and finally, we have some time to think, we look back at our lives and connect the dots and we realize that this is not the life we had dreamt of initially when we started. But now you do not have a choice left and the questions that will pop up in your head will be somewhat like- How come my big dreams became so small. How come the only reason for my happiness was the package that I was getting at the end of every month and even in that case why didn’t I dream big enough?

Before you start getting questions like this, it’s better that you give yourself some time and think what all things you want to achieve in life and are you on the right track or not. Whatever be your dream, I don't think that it is possible to achieve it, by just walking with the crowd. So, you will have to sacrifice your comfort and start doing things that you dislike doing. Life will become challenging but it is worth living a life that is ultimately leading you toward your purpose.

To reach your dreams, you should be ready to become uncomfortable and rise above your former self. You have to start loving these uncomfortable moments that you will experience in this journey and they should become part of you.

The crowd gives us the feeling of comfort and that is why we are so easily pulled towards it, not knowing that this crowd will snatch away our dreams and aspirations. The entire world is looking to walk on the path that has already been taken by many because you are aware of the difficulties that you are going to face and the benefits that you are going to reap. But nobody wants to write their own destiny and make their own path. Nobody wants to take on new challenges and get uncomfortable.

Your comfort zone should become uncomfortable

The day you start becoming uncomfortable with your comfort zone, and you start embracing the change, you will really start progressing towards your dreams.

There comes a day in everyone’s life when we come to a realization that life has become very boring and we need some change to happen. Consider the case of a person starting his own company after leaving his comfortable, well-payed corporate job or an engineer transitioning to agriculture after leaving his engineering job. We all have heard these cases. This is the time in their lives, a spark is lit and they realize that their comfort zone has become very boring and uncomfortable. So, they start looking for things in life that will take them out of this monotony. They start mapping their path toward their dreams and aspirations and they start their journey after they have realized their life’s true worth.

So why wait for that realization to dawn upon us? Let us start working towards our dreams and aspirations.

Start dreaming big in life and do not hesitate to walk towards it. Although you will be one in a million to take this challenging path but believe me it will be worth it. Every sacrifice you make in this journey will make you a stronger and a better human being. At the end of the day, when you close your eyes, you will be happy and satisfied with the life you are leaving.



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