Help others when you can

Everyone should have someone in life to push them ahead when needed.

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How ironic is this statement, “ Humans without humanity”. We are called humans because we showcase, portray humanity in all our actions in our daily life. Any and every task we do has this component. But this component of humanity is slowly depleting. We are slowly losing our emotions and are caring lesser and lesser for our loved ones, for other human beings with each passing day.

We always have a choice to help someone or not

You never know that your slightest helping gesture can save someone’s day, can take someone out of trouble, can save someone’s life, can bring a smile on someone’s face.

If you are good at studies, help your friend who is in need of some guidance. Sit with him and take him through the required concepts and this session can be like a revision for you. So, you helped your friend and at the same time, you finished your revision cycle with minimum effort and time loss.

If you are already running some small/big company, help others who are in need of internships or jobs. If you have gone through the suffering of waiting for months together to get hold of some internship or job, you will understand the pain and suffering that any student has to go through. Make use of your position to guide the younger generation who are in need.

If you are financially good, help those who are not able to move ahead just because their financial condition is not good.

Always in life, you will come across many such situations, where you know you can extend a helping hand and your conscience is telling you to move ahead, just then this stupid brain of yours starts playing tricks such as, “ What if he doesn’t return the money?”, “ What if he scores more than me in the exams?” , “ What if he starts earning better than me?” All of us are in this dilemma and more often than not, we tend to fall into this trap and end up not helping.

Have you ever thought that your one helping gesture could have saved someone’s family, someone’s life? Try becoming the reason for someone’s happiness and then the level of satisfaction that you will derive from this is immeasurable.

Believe me, if you take this step of sharing and helping others, you will always have someone to help you and guide you through the difficulties. Many call it Karma, but life has its own ways of rewarding you. So, become selfless, become human, and consider others as your own, life will surely change for you and for people around you.

Love all, Serve all, Help ever and Hurt never.

-Sathya Sai Baba



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