Let us rewind a bit

We have changed completely.

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Each one of us would have faced a situation where we don’t have anyone to back us or support us. We are all alone with no one to even ask us about our condition.

This is the time when you realize that all the love and care that I showered on others, where the hell all of a sudden it disappeared? Is there no one to even ask me my situation?

This realization dawned upon me when my grandfather and grandmother, both were admitted to the hospital. But there was hardly anyone to go and take care of them. Each one had their own reasons for not coming. Although, my mother went there as soon as possible. But this got me thinking as to whether we humans are slowly losing our humanity component.

Are we becoming selfish?

Do we stand for others when they need us?

Slowly we are breaking

Slowly and steadily our joint families are breaking apart, and we are transitioning towards nuclear families. There were times when all the brothers especially in Indian families used to stay together even after their marriage. They used to work and contribute based on their potential. At times of crisis, the entire family used to stand together facing all odds. Overall, they used to be happy and satisfied.

But now the scenario is completely different. We are more focused on our individual development rather than collective development. The western culture is slowly groping our Indian society where the moment a person starts earning, he/she tends to leave their parents and move to a new house. They feel that by doing this they can lead a more comfortable and happy life.

There were times

There were times when every individual of the family used to live for each other, every person used to take responsibility and there was no presence of ego and jealousy between them. Happiness or sorrow, they used to embrace it together. But now we are living in completely different times. We have become selfish. We have even stopped caring for our parents. We are sending our parents to old-age homes, mimicking the corrupt western system.

From some unknown source, this thought has corrupted our mindset, that English is the way, the western system is the way for everything possible. Here we are busy following the western system, but there are countries that are developing, keeping their roots in mind. I have elaborated on this, in my article, “The Importance Of Mother Tongue In Education”. There are countries that are following our system, our methods while we are busily transitioning to theirs.

Let us rewind a bit

Let us go back to what we were.

We were more helpful and caring than we are now.

We were more humane than we are now.

We used to be happier when we had simple lives than we are now.

We had more members in our families than the number of cars and bikes.

We were more hardworking and determined than we are now.

We have changed completely. I sometimes think, are we even worthy enough to call ourselves human?

So, take the first step, rewind your lives and make relationships with the humans around you and not the dead non-living gadgets.

Slowly and steadily our humanity component is getting chipped away little by little, so let us hold on to what we are left with and let us rewind our lives and embrace our near and dear ones.

Trust me, you will be a lot happier…

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