The happiness killer

Conquer your anger or else it will conquer you.

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Everyone gets angry. We get angry to prove ourselves, to dominate, to show that others are wrong and I am right. But we hardly think of the consequences of our sudden outburst on our friends, family, colleagues, relatives, or even strangers. We assume that once we have got control over the situation and dominated the other person, we have won the battle. Instead, in the longer run, when you connect the dots you will realize that you are the one to lose and not the other way around.

I have seen, observed, analyzed, and have finally decided to put my thoughts in the form of this article.

We human beings have been ingrained with a tendency to be never on the losing side. This tendency is shown when you are involved in some sort of argument. None of us wants to give up. That is why, even a small argument or confusion can stretch to hours, just because none of us wants to be silent and accept our mistakes. Unless we get that temporary happiness after defeating the opponent we can’t sit silently.

Anger broke our bond

We were happy and satisfied until this plague of anger took over one of the family members and within minutes everything was gone. Everything disappeared. We were no longer living together. There were no happy faces. And for years to come, this broken family can never be united.

If you ask me the reason, I would say that it was nothing. It was just a silly issue that turned into a heated argument.

Here, I would love to talk about the role played by society in our lives. At least in this incident, they have played a big negative role. I do not intend to criticize anyone here but there are always few in this group of so-called well-wishers that actually don’t intend you and your family to be happy at all. There are many in this group that waits for opportunities to fill your ears against the other members of your family and put stupid thoughts in your head. And the worst part is that you hardly give thought to it and believe them blindly, and you directly jump to conclusions and take action.

Now, as I think about that incident, I can just wonder about the effect that anger can have on our lives. You can try questioning yourself, that

Has, anger solved any of your problems?

Has it made you and the people around you happier?

Has it improved your mental and physical health?

Has it made your social life better?

I bet you, that the answers to all these questions will be negative for all of you. Yet, here we are, so lost in our lives, that we hardly give thought to such things. This may sound silly, but this silly thing has had a major impact on everyone's lives.

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