The innocence of a kid

As we grow old we lose our innocence and along with that happiness and satisfaction.

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

We often remember our childhood days with so much of happiness in our hearts. We miss those days because of many reasons and one of them being our innocence.

We were innocent and that is why we were happy. YES, you heard it right. We were unaware of our surroundings. We were carefree. Any small act or gesture can give us happiness when we were kids. Sometimes you don’t even need to give anything to a kid to make him/her happy.

But it’s not the same with us. As we grew older, as we adorned the robe of so-called maturity, slowly and steadily we lost our carefree smile, laughter, and satisfaction.

My teacher used to say

(I am just trying to relate)

Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

When babies are born, the almighty sends them with all the positivity and happiness. Their closed tiny fist resembles this goodness in them. They smile when they want to. They don’t need any reason to stay happy. But as the days go by, you see the changes taking place. We constantly try holding their hands, we try opening their fists and we often say that see, “How the baby has held my hand?”. We say that the baby is becoming mature but also this fist of goodness and positivity starts opening and the kid is slowly and steadily getting exposed to this world and worst of all, they don't have a choice. They start picking up new things from their surroundings and also they start searching for reasons to become happy. As mature individuals, we don’t smile or laugh just like that and we obviously need reasons to do that. So, you see maturity and happiness are inversely related to some extent.

The best we can do to stay happy is to spread happiness around. Let us be innocent and stop judging people just because they earn more or they have a better lifestyle.

Stop Judging others.

And for that to happen, you should stop judging yourself.

Be truthful to others.

And for that to happen, you should be truthful to yourself.

Be innocent as a kid and for sure you will be as happy as ever.

I am constantly trying to be the best version of myself and will advise you also to try. Believe me, next time you won’t search for a reason to be happy.

Let us spread happiness around in this gloomy and sad world of ours.



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