We have lost our angel

Adarsh Kumar Singh
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Sindhutai Sapkal: Mother of Orphans

Sindhutai Sapkal: In her ever-smiling form.

The entire world got to know about the great Mother Teresa only after she got the Nobel peace prize for her charitable work. For all the years prior to that, she didn’t even exist for people but nevertheless, she served her purpose and showed to the world that there still exists humanity till her very last breath.

The entire world got to know about the savior of kids, Kailash Satyarthi only after he got the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against child labor and exploitation. He continues his fight even today without asking for any name and fame, crossing many hurdles in his path and saving as many kids as possible, and giving direction to their lives.

Another legendary figure that I would like to mention is Sindhutai Sapkal, the Mother of orphans. She stayed amongst us, served amongst us without caring for anything in return, and yet she was not known to many prior to her death.

Sindhutai Sapkal-the legend who stayed amongst us but we were blind to her existence

Sindhutai Sapkal didn’t have an ordinary childhood, she had her own share of sufferings. Despite suffering so much, she dedicated her entire life to the service of orphans. She was one mother for all the orphans.

Born on November 14, 1948, in the Wardha district of Maharashtra,Sindhutai was forced to drop out of school after she had passed Std 4th. She was married to a 32-year old man at the young age of 12. Her husband had beaten and kicked her and had left her alone to die even when she was nine months pregnant with her fourth child. She then gave birth to her fourth child in a cow shelter in a semi-conscious state outside their house on the night of the 14th of October 1973.

The social worker has had a fair share of struggles even after returning to her village as her own mother and the village rejected and hated her. She was forced to beg to raise her daughters.

Yet, she didn’t give up. With her resilient heart, she overcame these circumstances with sheer willpower and started working for orphans.

She meant everything for 1050 orphans and she could boast of having 207 sons-in-law and 36 daughters-in-law.

She has received many awards including the Padma award for her selfless service. Whatever money she received from these awards, she used it to build shelters for orphans and take care of them.

Due to her efforts, a well-equipped orphanage came up at Manjri in Pune district.

In 2010, a Marathi biopic on her, “Mee Sindhutai Sapkal” was released.

We remember them only after they are gone

For all their sacrifices, we still don’t stand with them when it’s needed, let alone support them. Standing with them means performing the acts for which they have been advocating for years together and have hardly got any support from the people or the government.

These people were always living amongst us and serving amongst us but we are so ignorant and lost that we hardly care and we hardly notice them. Let us also stand with them, appreciate their work and support them when they are living between us and not only after they leave their bodies and memories to cherish.

You will remain eternally in our hearts.



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