You are there to win. I don’t care how you do it” — Max Verstappen’s unique approach in F1 racing

Being aggressive in his approach has helped Max climb the ladder of success.

Max Verstappen is setting benchmarks for the new generation of F1 drivers.

Max Verstappen is considered one of the most ruthless drivers in F1 history. He just simply lifts the energy of the sport to a different level. Be it Monaco Grand Prix 2015 or the most recent Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2021, he has his aggressive presence felt always.

Max thrives on this aggressive attitude. This attitude is portrayed well in his recent documentary titled “Max Verstappen — Whatever It Takes”.

“It’s all about accelerating in the car. It has a throttle, brakes and a steering wheel. It’s as simple as that to me,” Max Verstappen said.

The above statement very well sums up Max’s F1 journey until now. He has his own thumb rule and he gives his all to prove himself right.

You are there to win. I don’t care how you do it, as long as you cross the line first and yes, sometimes you have to be a jerk for that. That’s just the way it is,” Max Verstappen added.

Verstappen’s indifferent approach has surely given results in the end. He is very straightforward in saying that you are there to win and it doesn’t matter how you reach the finish line. His commitment is toxic and he thrives on it. It’s not possible for everyone to follow, “I don’t care” attitude and still succeed. While many consider him hot-headed, his dedication to the sport has won him fans all over the globe.

Arriving as F1’s youngest ever competitor at just 17 years old, Max pushed his rivals and the sport’s record books to the limit. His tactics and aggressive attitude really do give results and that has been proven in the recently concluded Abu Dhabi GP wherein he received his maiden F1 title by beating title rival Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes in a last-lap thriller.

Never in the history of F1 has anyone finished on the podium more than 17 times in a single season. Max recorded 18 podium finishes and the best part is that all were top two finishes. The 2021 season for Max started with 10 career victories and he was able to double his wins, becoming the fourth driver of all-time to win at least 10 races in a season.

Max has a long way ahead and many more records to break.



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